January 5, 2022
Contact: McKenzie Wilson,

NEW POLL: Majority of Voters Support Expanded Child Tax Credit

Today, Fighting Chance for Families released a new poll that finds a majority of voters support the expanded Child Tax Credit by a +18-point margin. Support for the 2021 expansion includes Democrats by +63 points, Independents by +8 points, and over a third of Republicans.

“The expanded Child Tax Credit provided economic relief to some 35 million families and gave working parents the security needed to remain in the workforce and keep local economies afloat,” said McKenzie Wilson, spokeswoman for Fighting Chance for Families. “The Senate must listen to voters and work swiftly to extend the now-expired expanded Child Tax Credit, especially at a time when coronavirus cases and the price of essential goods are at record highs.”

The poll also finds that a majority of voters credit either President Biden or Congressional Democrats for implementing the expansion — at rates far greater than President Trump or Congressional Republicans.

When asked who is responsible for the expanded Child Tax Credit:

  • 43 percent say the Biden administration
  • 32 percent say Democrats in Congress
  • Seven percent say the Trump administration
  • Five percent say Republicans in Congress
  • Four percent say their state government

Support making the Child Tax Credit permanent.

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