December 20, 2021
Contact: McKenzie Wilson,

Fighting Chance for Families Calls on Congress to Permanently Expand the Child Tax Credit

As tensions over the Build Back Better Act and its extension of the expanded Child Tax Credit reached new highs after Senator Joe Manchin announced on Sunday his opposition to the package, Fighting Chance for Families spokeswoman McKenzie Wilson released the following statement:

“Enough playing politics with the lives of 35 million families and their local economies. It is time we make this tax cut permanent and enable its true promise: to slash child poverty, protect workers, save small businesses and grow the economy.”

“The expanded Child Tax Credit is a popular and necessary pillar of American economic recovery and prosperity. We cannot let this tax cut expire as the Omicron variant looms and as the cost of child care and living rises. Congress must act quickly to make the expanded Child Tax Credit permanent so that working families and small businesses are empowered to raise children and generate jobs in small towns and cities across the nation.”

Fighting Chance for Families released a countdown clock on its website to stress the urgency of this moment and make clear the opportunity that Congress has to extend the expanded Child Tax Credit. There are 7 days and 19 hours left to act.

The latest Fighting Chance for Families polling finds a strong majority of voters support the expanded Child Tax Credit by a +24-point margin — including Democrats by a +64-point margin, Independents by a +15-point margin and over a third of Republicans.

Support making the Child Tax Credit permanent.

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