January 14, 2022
Contact: McKenzie Wilson,

35 Million Families To Go Without the Expanded Child Tax Credit’s Monthly Payment Today

Following the expiration of the expanded Child Tax Credit, some 35 million recipients will not receive their monthly payment today, as they have for the past six months. Fighting Chance for Families spokeswoman McKenzie Wilson released the following statement today as these payments lapsed:

“Tens of millions of working parents are going to realize by Monday that they have lost the economic security that the expanded Child Tax Credit and its monthly payments have offered them. The Senate has failed to extend this critical program at a time when coronavirus cases reach new highs and families feel the burden of corporate greed at the pump and register."

“The Senate must work swiftly to extend the expanded Child Tax Credit and ensure working families have the security they need to remain afloat during this pandemic — to keep parents working, to keep children fed and clothed as they return to school from the holidays, and to help boost the economy.”

Recent polling from Fighting Chance for Families finds that a majority of voters support the expanded Child Tax Credit by a +18-point margin. Support for the expansion includes Democrats by +63 points, Independents by +8 points and over a third of Republicans.

Support making the Child Tax Credit permanent.

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