August 10, 2021
Contact: McKenzie Wilson,

NEW POLL: Parents Who Have Received the Expanded Child Tax Credit Strongly Support Permanent Extension, Including Trump Voters

Today, Fighting Chance for Families released a new poll of likely voters finding that people who have received the checks, and parents overall, overwhelmingly support the program and its extension. Critically, this includes parents who voted for Trump and received the Child Tax Credit who strongly support the policy by a margin of 51-points. Moreover, Trump voters who benefited from the Child Tax Credit strongly support extending it: by a margin of 37-points, Trump voters who received the Child Tax Credit support making it permanent.

The poll also found that across partisanship, people who received the expanded Child Tax Credit created by the American Rescue Plan are strongly supportive of it (by +70 points) and want to see it made permanent (by +54 points). Even after including all voters — including those who did not receive the CTC and are not parents — there is still majority support for the Child Tax Credit: a sample of voters across all demographics support the expanded CTC by a 24-point margin. This includes Democrats by a 67-point margin, Independents by a 16-point margin, and more than a third of Republicans.

“This latest poll shows that the families who receive the Child Tax Credit are wildly supportive of it and want to see it extended — including Trump Republicans,” said McKenzie Wilson, Spokeswoman of Fighting Chance for Families. “In addition to providing a much needed boost to our economy, the Child Tax Credit is wildly popular across party lines — we’re seeing that the more people learn about it and see checks in their bank accounts, the more they support it and want to see it extended.” 

Read the full poll and methodology here.

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